Big Bass & Catfish


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Sandusky Bay is the #1 Channel Cat destination in the USA.

#1 Channel Cat destination in the USA kicks out lots of big Catfish.


Look at this Biggun’!

15-pounder & 13-pounder hooked at the same time.


DSCF0335 - Copy

Here is a 4lb.14oz. bass, a 4lb.8oz. bass, a 3+pounder, and a 2+pounder!

Almost 20-pounder

DSCF0593 - Copy

This big bass was tricked by my Venom Lures Lizard.


He caught this post spawn giant Bass on a Bomber Model 4A Crankbait.

Jeremiah AEP 2013 Fish-Camp

He caught this one on a JignTrailer at one of my Fish-Camps.

These boys caught some big ones on Lake Erie’s Sandusky Bay.


Big early season largemouth.

7.5 Pounder_edited

She came out of thick & deep milfoil.


He caught her on a Rapala Shad Rap

2012 Summer Edit

This Summertime largemouth hit his Zara Spook.


Here is what 13-pounds of largemouth bass look like.


This Burr Oak big one hit my Chatterbait in an isolated patch of lily pads.


I was swimming a JignPig when this big prespawn female hit.


This was a great day on the water!


She slammed the JignPig.


A good Summertime bass.


Here is a nice Ice-Out bag of largemouth.


This Summertime biggun’ hit my JignVenom Dream Craw deep down in a laydown.


Canoe fishing largies.


This Fall of the year bass hit my JignPig.


Burr Oak prespawn giant!


This Fall of the year giant hit a Venom 5-inch Salty Sling.


This Fall of the year bass hit a lipless trap in 43-degree water.

DSCF0202 - Copy

She blasted my frog.

10245496_372722709535514_5854762005697697297_n - Copy

Sandusky Bay/Lake Erie smallie.

DSCF0375 - Copy

Lake Erie/West Harbor largemouth. Caught on a football JignPig.


Here is my son Mike holding a giant AEP ReCreation Land largemouth while we had our annual Fish-Camp set-up.

DSCF0333 - Copy

She caught this giant Burr Oak largemouth on a Venom Lure Sweet Dream. I tipped the Venom Sweet Dream into a jar of chartreuse DipnGlow and dyed the tips. I also had crawfish scent sprayed onto the lure. Obviously it worked!

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