Post Spawn/Mid-June at Burr Oak

The bass at Burr Oak Lake have been hitting my mid-diving crankbaits the last several years after they’ve healed up from the spawn.  If I do not catch them in the shallow in-feed end of the lake on my Bomber 4-A crankbait.  I typically head out to the deeper clearer end and tie on deep diving crankbaits or I’ll drag a football JignPig on the deeper floor of the lake.

Here are a few pictures of some recent post spawn mid-June bass at Burr Oak Lake.

DSCF0402 - Copy

These hit the Bomber Model 4-A crankbait in the muddy water.

DSCF0645 - Copy - Copy

Here is a 3lb.12oz. a 4lb.14oz and a 2+ pounder. We caught these post spawn bass at our ‘Family Fish Camp’ at Burr Oak State Park mid-June.


This giant 6-pound post spawn bass hit his Model 4-A Real Craw Crankbait. She jumped nearly a foot out of the water during his battle with this beast. So he kept his rod low and luckily got her to my bass boat.

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